The Secret Life of Bread Revealed: I am Bread


Well the developers at Bossa have done it again. The lovely and quirky folks that brought us the ridiculous, brain numbingly strange, yet endlessly entertaining “Surgeon Simulator.” have a new oddity to share with us.

The game titled simply, “I am Bread,” Drops today, December 3rd, 2014. The objective is simple, you as a slice of bread become toast. All the ups and downs that come with life as a simple piece of bread needs to become something more, something special, something toasted. “I am Bread,” seems to take the same fun and frustrating physics that we learned to play with in Surgeon Simulator and pair it with positively alien control systems of games like “OctoDad: The Dadliest Catch,” and the wonky, over the top charms of a game Like “Goat Simulator.”

Players will have to manipulate their slice of bread’s own weight. Swinging around and haplessly flopping end-over-end through who knows what so you can become toast. Who knew that such a simple food had such a complicated existence and could get itself into so much damned trouble?

The game is Currently available on Steam as an Early access title for an affordable $8.49.