Welcome to WriteClickZoom


Hi All,

Welcome to our humble blog. It’s been a long time coming and a pipe dream we’ve been able to act upon recently. WriteClickZoom is a bit of an experiment. Here we’re going to cover some of the more large and important news bits in gaming. Most of this will be dedicated to the actual hobby and the culture that revolves around our favorite past time. We want a place for gamers to share things with one another and to eventually contribute to a community and a place where gamers can come together to discuss our hobby as we see fit. Topics won’t be off-limits here and want to encourage the community to ask questions, post their views and have a discussion about what we see in our medium. With that said, the people contributing to the site to start are a bunch of fun loving, maniacs. As such, we don’t take things too seriously and our aim is to not make this web-space serious; not directly anyway. Some serious topics will come up, especially with the shape of the current gaming community and it’s Journalists, but please lets remember we’re all here for the games and we’re here to have fun.

With this in mind, stay tuned. We’re going to have a few new things coming for the weekend.